Master's in Accounting and Finance

The programme prepares students to a high level, mainly focussing on business studies, as well as drawing on legal, economic and quantitative inputs to enable them to work in industry, services and public administration, with specific reference to the administration, finance and management control functions. Particular emphasis is placed on strategic control, economic and financial communication, auditing, tax law and insolvency law.

The programme provides the necessary skills to undertake professional and consultancy roles, in particular that of Chartered Accountant.

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Master's in Economics and Financial Institutions

The programme provides graduates with in-depth and specialised knowledge of insurance and financial institutions and markets, as well as of the players involved in them.

Well-grounded and advanced economic knowledge is combined with the acquisition of statistical and mathematical applications, fundamental business notions and the principles underlying the judiciary bodies.

The programme prepares graduates for a number of professional roles in the economic and financial sector, in particular in strategic analysis and planning, in R&D centres, in both commercial and investment banking, financial intermediation services, in public bodies, such as regulatory ones.

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Master's in Maritime and Port Management 

The programme provides students with an advanced level of preparation to be employed in companies operating in the maritime and port sectors.  These are currently undergoing innovative procedures featuring the development of networks established both internally and externally in an internationally open market.   This requires an interdisciplinary approach, based on specialised business, economic, legal and quantitative content.

The focus of the programme is to form specialised professionals, who are in ever greater demand in maritime and intermodal transport, port management and policy, container terminals, logistics and high-added value services.

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Master's in Management

The programme provides students with an advanced level of preparation to be employed in industry, service and public administration and with the abilities to deal with governance issues in an increasingly complex and competitive global context, with ever greater pressure on the system to adapt and change.

The main focus of the business studies is on strategies, governance, social responsibility and advanced marketing and functional models.  A necessary complement to these are insolvency law, employment and contracts and other economic and quantitative notions.

Programme details (in Italian)