Bachelor's in Business Administration

Graduates from this programme can aspire to administrative, organisational, commercial and financial positions in private companies involved in all sectors of the economy. In the public sector, they can occupy consultancy positions in management and accounting.

The recent agreement with the Italian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of the Ligurian Provinces allows graduates who choose this programme, together with the Master’s in Accounting and Finance (also on offer at our University), fast-track access to the Professional Registers.

Alternatively, graduates can opt for the Master’s in Management, which is also on offer at our University.

Programme details (in Italian)


Bachelor's in Economics

This programme provides the multidisciplinary skill set that allows graduates to read and interpret the real and financial dynamics of an economic system.  The aim of the programme is to study the various aspects of companies, markets and economic systems and their running to allow students to acquire the necessary background to be able to interpret the dynamics, which affect flows and markets.  Graduates from this programme can aspire to professions which require insight into the variables of the economic systems, such as the study of monetary, financial and currency markets and the insurance sector.  The specialised branch of the programme in the banking and financial sector has a specific economic and financial syllabus that prepares young professionals for key roles in banking management.

This undergraduate degree programme is complemented by the Master’s in Economics and Financial Institutions, which is on offer at Genoa.

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Bachelor's in Maritime, Logistics and Transport Economics and Business 

It is the only undergraduate degree programme in Italy developed with specific content on both transport and communication.  Maritime transport and logistics are in full development and are undergoing radical transformation as a consequence of increasing globalisation of production lines and trade. 

It is in this context of constant and rapid evolution that our University has developed a programme which responds to the needs of those companies seeking professionals who can provide innovative and quality solutions in the economics and management of the activities in various modes of transport, intermodal, logistics with high added value services.

This undergraduate degree programme is complemented by the Master’s in Maritime and Port Management, which is on offer at Genoa.

Programme details (in Italian) 


Bachelor's in Management Tourism Sciences: Territory, Culture and Business (available in Imperia)

The aim of this programme is to prepare professionals who have acquired both technical knowledge and essential management skills for a career in the tourism and cultural sectors, in the promotion of local markets and in the organisational and entrepreneurial activities that distinguish them.   The programme provides a solid multidisciplinary background ranging from economics and management to law, sociology, psychology and anthropology.  It also aims to develop a variety of relevant notions that comprise culture, geography, history, art, archaeology, literature, music and theatre anthropology.  Students are also offered intensive language training to allow them to use, both in the written and spoken form, at least 2 languages of the European Union, as well as Italian.  

The programme offers core subjects that provide solid professional preparation and training in the field of tourism. It then branches into two distinct directions: the first is centred around the administrative and managerial functions that distinguish companies operating in the tourism industry (programme in Tourism Economics and Management), the second focuses on the valorisation, promotion, communication, trade and management of complex tourist products at a local level (programme in Valorisation and Promotion of Historical, Artistic and Environmental Resources). 

The wide variety of subjects studied allows graduates to aspire to a range of different roles in the tourism sector at a local, regional, national and international level.  

In addition, the Bachelor's in Management Tourism Sciences: Territory, Culture and Business enables students to continue their studies at Master's degree level either at the University of Genoa or at other universities. 

Programme details (in Italian)