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Please refer to 2016-2017 Aulaweb page for updated information on the course timetable, materials and office hours.

From June to September, office hours will be on appointment only, please write an email to fix a meeting. 

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Aulaweb - this is the online area where materials are uploaded and news on the course, office hours and exams are posted. All students are strongly advised to enrol to the current-year course page in order to access syllabi and texts but also to learn about any change either to the course schedule or the office hours timetable.

International and Erasmus students: please contact me on arrival, thanks.


Insegnamenti a.a. 2016-17  / 2016-2017 Courses

Lingua inglese (E-O)  - [programma versione .pdf]


Insegnamenti a.a. 2015-16 / 2015-2016 Courses

Lingua inglese (E-O)  - [programma versione .pdf]


ESP Course - aim
The main objective of the course is to strengthen reading and listening skills and reinforce the communicative skills acquired during previous study of the English language. The course is not a general English one, rather an ESP course - i.e. English for Specific Purposes, Economics. Focus is on understanding current social, economic and political issues in the English-speaking world, working on different text typologies and on current controversial topics of macroeconomics and global economy. In order to do so students will work on a folder containing selected texts (articles from newspapers and magazines, essays and academic papers from journals, excerpts from books and manuals - all materials are available online in Aulaweb). Emphasis will also be placed on learning reading strategies and information processing aiming to critical reading (to go beyond the lines and learn more about the author(s)' attitude and ideas within a text) and critical thinking (evaluating information and ideas, searching for more when needed). 

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